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Your Light At The End of the Mass Tort Tunnel

Legal Consultant

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Legacy exists to provide a permanent solution to the seemingly intractable problem of mass-tort-system liability.  The bankruptcy system for thriving and profitable manufacturing companies offers an increasingly unattractive bargain that comes with a high risk of failure. Legacy is able to offer many of the benefits of a bankruptcy resolution with minimal risk and prompt outcomes. 


Bringing with it over 100 years of collective experience and leadership, Legacy is able to quickly and seamlessly acquire properly restructured liability-tainted companies and manage their assets and liabilities for decades to come.  The C-Suite experience of its principals enables Legacy to reassure and manage the expectations of corporate boards, capital providers, and other key entities.  Indeed, the mass-tort and claims-administration-and-resolution experience of Legacy principals is unparalleled.  Simply put, Legacy’s goal is to change business as usual in the tort system permanently. 


The track record of Legacy principals includes managing, restructuring, and achieving accounting disaffiliation for large and small companies and creating and implementing global resolution strategies in and out of bankruptcies, including the first pre-packaged mass-tort bankruptcies, class action settlements, and claims resolution facilities. 


Legacy works with industry-leading logistics and capital partners to provide finality to sellers and to offer equitable and practical solutions for all stakeholders. 

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