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Executive Team

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Douglas A. Dachille
Vice President / Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Dachille served as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for American International Group ("AIG") (NYSE:AIG).  In addition to his role as CIO, Mr. Dachille was responsible for AIG's Legacy business segment, where he was tasked to exit a portfolio of non-core investments and to dispose of its runoff P&C and Life liabilities.  

To address the legacy liabilities, a Bermuda composite reinsurer was formed, Fortitude Re, which served to reinsure $35B of liabilities for AIG’s P&C and Life insurers. Mr. Dachille successfully completed the disposition of AIG’s legacy assets and liabilities, culminating with the sale of Fortitude Re to an investor group led by The Carlyle Group. 


Before assuming these roles at AIG, Mr. Dachille served as the Chief Executive Officer of First Principles Capital Management, LLC (“First Principles”), an investment management firm he founded, from September 2003 until its acquisition by AIG in September 2015. First Principles was an institutional fixed income asset manager focused on liability-driven investment mandates and it served as a manager for a number of asbestos trusts and nuclear decommissioning trusts.​


Prior to First Principles, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of Zurich Capital Markets. Mr. Dachille began his career at JPMorgan Chase, where he served as Global Head of Proprietary Trading and Co-Treasurer. Mr. Dachille earned his bachelor’s degree in a special joint program through Union University and Albany Medical College and an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Chicago. 

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