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Strategic Partnerships

Capital Partners

At Legacy, we have cultivated strong relationships with an extensive network of strategic capital partners, which include sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, and insurance companies.  Our capital formation team created the largest capital introduction platform in the world and has connectivity to virtually every large institutional investor globally.   

The Legacy team has generated interest from some of the most sophisticated asset management firms serving the insurance and institutional markets.  Upon signing of an LOI, Legacy is positioned to access quickly a variety of debt and equity capital sources, as needed, to complete a transaction. 

Logistics Partner:       KCIC


Given the importance of managing mass tort litigation for decades into the future, Legacy has partnered with KCIC to provide responsive and technologically sophisticated management for the long-term. 


KCIC is a nationally recognized industry leader in providing logistics, claims and litigation management services through efficient use of technology to mass tort defendants.  KCIC is staffed at the senior level with industry veterans and is also committed to college recruiting to provide a pipeline of future talent.  KCIC is headquartered in Washington DC with offices in Chicago and Phoenix. 

Since its founding in 2002, KCIC has been deeply immersed in all aspects of business dispute resolution and mass tort litigation and currently provides full-service litigation and claims management services to over 50 individual defendants. 

Advisory Partner:  DJG Solutions

DJG Logo_4x.png

David Gordon, the principal of DJG Solutions, has 25 years of mass-tort executive experience.  David is an advisor, director, executive, and principal with companies facing mass-tort litigation.  He is the former president of four mass-tort defendant companies, which he managed in the tort system and through successful Chapter 11 proceedings.  He currently manages defense and insurance issues for six mass-tort defendant companies and serves as the Chief Restructuring Officer in a pending mass-tort Chapter 11 case.

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